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GlobalMove brings together technology and culture on the web and in the real world.

Having left the cyberspace fascination behind we are discovering again the fun, energy and community value of physical movement. This quest starts with a baby moving on his own feet, goes through all forms of transportation over to the future of space exploration.

GlobalMove ist about technology and the people, projects and communities that drive it, from hobby enthusiasts to space agencies. And with people there is always culture involved - some set of traditions, codes and patterns that shape a social form. It is also a global project, considering the limited ressources of the blue spaceship we inhabit, as well as the exciting opportunities of global cooperation and mutual inspiration.

After reading about the philosophy one might continue with the move, which may further lead to a game.

  • More information about this website and project in: meta and references.
  • News - hints and links from a world on the move, comments in german.

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