This was a concept that started around the mid-1980ies and followed us in several incarnations over two decades. The idea is somehow that computers and the internet make up a new world without the boundaries (and problems) of the physical space. It lead to concepts like virtual reality, over the internet revolution and then the new economy that lastet until the year 2000.

The fascination about this development declined over time. Now we might just use the internet as a way to communicate, some improvement above telephone or TV.
Regarding GlobalMove, the internet might help but not replace an actual move.


Eberhard Doerr, 28.01.2010 01:10

As an example for this well-known philosophy, let's look at the Transmediale festival intro in Berlin, Feb 2010:

"With FUTURITY NOW! transmediale.10 explores what roles internet evolution, global network practice, open source methodologies, sustainable design and mobile technology play in forming new cultural, ideological and political templates."

This stuff may be based on sponsor ideas partly, still it seems a little desparate in 2010 to keep up the perspective of the internet as some kind of avantgarde.

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