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At first sight it seems future is an ever reproducing phenomenon because at every moment there is a next one to appear inevitably, which will open of the same endless chain of future moments. So then future would somehow not feel like something new.

There have though been various times when some people felt they had a recipe for a longer jump, into some kind of future that was not anticipated before, that would fulfill the dreams of many of what future could really be, and that after the manifestation of that 'greater' future no one would ever ask for another future again. Up to now, none of these greater futures succeeded.

Then there has even been an -ism about future, it started in 1909 with a furious manifest by a young Italian and ended somehow with the end of Mussolini: Futurism.

Now irconically at the occasion of the 100th anniverssary of this manifest some people felt there could be a future for futurism, a better one than before, so here comes:
The second futurist manifesto. It ends with the quest to - overcome gravity.

These manifestos are part of the GlobalMove philosophy - the verve with technology for movement of the first one as well as the global complement of the second one.

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