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After starting with an exchange of ideas, over to planning and documenting a move we continue to organize a game. The purpose of a game is to connect players of different background and interest for mutual benefits. One obvious such benefit is fun, but others may follow, like technical support, a unique experience, valuable contacts or scientific innovation.

Elements of every game are players and rules for their allowed actions. Then it needs some organization to bring the players together and coordinate the start and the end. At GlobalMove we use a system of points that players can gather, like many recreational games or sports.

One important property of each game is - mostly not obvious - its dramatic idea. Without this a game will not 'work', will not be fun to play or will lead to conflict or indifference among the players. This might be the reason why the number of really succesful games on this planet is not so big - you might see children in your backyard playing similar games to those in China.

But we have one advantage here: Our objects have natural properties that make them attractive to the players - even if the speedboat provides little scientific insight, it can be fun experiencing the ride. This corresponds to a system of points, organized as a classification - so if a move was not successful in one class, it might bring points in others.

GlobalMove does not claim to be the genius game designer, but rather provide a frame for games. This means there is not one rule system and game organization, but an ongoing process that involves learning, improvement and communication. Then, games can be part of other games - it is a self-similar pattern of the kind we find also in living structures in nature.

And GlobalMove will not seek to control the game net, it would not work and we believe no one could succeed in this. Rather we believe others will have similar ideas, and then a cooperation makes sense for all, just in the way players cooperate in a game.

The outer game around this will not end, as no one can declare to control it and hinder others from taking up the game.

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