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This project has thus far gone through these steps:

  • The concept development of the GlobalMove project begun in 2007, under the working title 'worldgame'
  • The domain was registered in november 2009 and the timeline defined
  • went online mid-january 2010

This website is currently realized with dokuwiki, which is used for content management and allows simple forms of collaboration. A weblog will be integrated soon that allows comments and provides a chronological list of articles.
In this phase the site is meant to present the concept and demonstrate some of its elements.

An important further step is the move to a more capable software platform that some parts of programming to be delegated to community members (scripting). Possible solutions are being thorougly evaluated currently, namely X-Wiki, Foswiki/Twiki and TikiWiki. This will be the platform for the rule and classification system of the game and is planned to go online until march 2010.

Then starting from may 2010 a demonstration game is planned - more on this at the given time.


There are three groups of users with different rights:

  1. Visitors - without login one can read the pages and comments.
  2. Registered users - they may write comments and apply for becoming an author
    To register, click the [Login] button in the lower right, and then Register.
  3. Authors - after registration, send a message via the contact form, giving the registered Email and the move you want to publish, and you will soon be given author rights.

Contact is hosted and developed by:

Use the Email there for contact.

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