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Apollo-Soyuz 1975 .. move

At GlobalMove we call a Move any activity that is organized, classified or at least documented on this website.

A Move may be a long walk someone feels relevant to report, the first test drive of a new electric armchair, a formula-one race or a space probe landing on Enceladus. It may be connected to physical movement but need not be, so for example the organisation of a community event fits well into this scope.

The benefit of representing one's Move here is mainly connecting to other Movers - which may yield more visitors, insight, clients, inspiration, fun or whatever is seeked; more about the GlobalMove users on whatfor.

Here is a list of Moves - these are mere wiki pages under the 'move:' namespace at the moment, but the move to another software with more specific logic is soon to start - read the timeline for more details.

06.03.2010 14:51    
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