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GlobalMove is interested in the connection between technology and culture.

"Leading edge" is a notion often used in connection to new technologies - and the idea is that technology constitutes a social value, some ultimate frontier that the society will always want to push forward. While this may be questioned, technology does surely represent a form of communication. There is also a culture involved insofar as technology often serves other than functional purposes, like when it is used for representation of a nation, a company or a social elite.

And when weapons research historically often was the driving force for technology development one of the ideas behind GlobalMove is that we can organize impulses for technology development and application in the civil societies.

Trends in technology have triggered political movements - or vice versa. The idea of an ever forward going technological development was questioned by the 1972 publication The Limits to Growth that inspired the Green politics that emerged in several states since then. Currently the Global warming debate dominates global politics as well as industry strategies. But also small companies, engineers and enthusiasts are pushing the development, like in the field of electric propulsion.

GlobalMove seeks to connect activists and activities in these fields - even if they are not acting on a global scale their move might be important.

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