What for

GlobalMove is a community website and organisation platform that is intended for:

  • Hobbyists and enthusiasts interested in moves or projects
  • Technicians and Engineers
  • Communities and associations that want to organize or present part of their work
  • Companies that are looking for another channel for collaboration with clients or partners
  • Scientists and their organisations seeking cooperation or presentation
  • Similar projects or services interested in a cooperation at eye level

Objects of presentation or move might be:

  • vehicles, machines and techniques of transportation and energy handling, innovative or classical, simple or complex, unique or widespread.
  • innovative projects in other fields - like architecture, sports, logistics, art
  • events for small or large circles of the above categories
GlobalMove is not

For clarification here are some applications GlobalMove does not address:

  • Facebook - users are not asked to store or publish their name and other personal data on the site, one might set a link to his facebook, xing or similar page though
  • Advertising and mass promotion - mutual exchange is the core of a community, product offers may be mentioned but should not dominate a page or a project
  • Publication platform - longer papers or presentations should be hosted elsewhere and might be linked here together with a summary
  • Pure discussion - we will offer a webforum but discussion shall be grouped around a move
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